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Home Services

Your computer is essential to your daily life. Don't let it hold you hostage. 

contact us for all repair, virus and spyware removal and upgrade services.

Business Consultation and Tech Support

Technology runs your business. Contact us for all your techology needs including:

  • networking

  • multi media marketing

  • pc repair and upgrade

  • maintenance

  • design and implementation

  • disaster recovery

Senior Services

Clear and simple explanations and friendly service.

We have been helping seniors for over 15 years. 

We are Sixteen this year!  To celebrate we are giving away free swag. Click below to get yours!

1. Keep up to date with new technology

2. Be more efficient

3. Take The Fear Out Of Your Technology

Technology Explained In Plain English!

Don't be put off by "Geek Speak".

We promise to use plain english to answer your questions and give you back control of your technology.

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